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Cultural exchange is the working relationship between security, economics, culture and diplomacy.  

Our firm provides governments,  organizations, and individuals the ability to manage risk while capitalizing on opportunities in the new world landscape.  

With two decades of international projects, security operations and humanitarian assistance, we are a company with specialized consultants that comprise a spectrum of the most well-known agencies and academic institutions in the world.  We have real world knowledge, experience and professional contacts that we rely on every day.  

Co-founded by a diplomat, federal agent, international psychologist and an academic, we observed the vast disconnect between private parties and the current landscape of cultural exchange and international affairs. We serve to connect the two and can thereby ensure that our clients are informed, empowered and protected.  We work closely with individuals, organizations, and even foreign governments.  

Tiberius was one of Rome’s greatest rulers, counselors and military generals. His leadership focused on the importance of diplomacy, culture and consolidation rather than engaging in unnecessary conflict. We subscribe to that mindset in modern times.



Phone:     +1  202-505-2683



Address:    1601  18th Street, NW
                  Washington, DC  20009
                  United States

U.S. Government Approved Contractor

UEI: JRAJWNXMZAC7 | CAGE: 91U21 | DUNS: 118120820

Federal Capability Statement (link)

Tiberius International Office
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