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International Business and Study Abroad

"We ensure that cultural exchange is safe, successful and rewarding." 

International Travel



Globalization has made the world a seemingly smaller and safer place.  International travel for work, tourism or educational exchange are now common practices.  Unfortunately, there are tremendous risks trying to navigate a safe environment overseas.  Accidents, crime, conflict, kidnapping and terrorism remain a reality. 

Most governments, corporations or universities are unable to assist their citizens during an international emergency.  Having worked at U.S. embassies around the world, our staff has seen citizens forgotten or ignored due to bureaucracy or inability.  Tiberius knows how to navigate or circumnavigate emergency channels to keep our clients safe from harm or embarrassment.

We provide security and due diligence assessments of schools, workplaces, residences and even people. Pre-departure briefings will include safety and security contacts including airline, consular, police and medical contacts with proper language capabilities.  In the event of an emergency or necessary evacuation, Tiberius personnel will ensure everyone arrives home safely.

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