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Security and Emergency Management

"Danger lies in the unknown.
Professional security means going from the known to the known."

Embassy and building protection


Our company was started by Special Agents and diplomats with decades of experience in the United States government as security officials at the highest levels.  We have partnered with military veterans and academics for a unique brand of consulting that allows us to use culturally intelligent design in our security operations.


With the recent threats to domestic targets and cultural sites, we offer real world experience in the protection of schools, museums, religious sites and American embassies around the world.  Our consultants implemented the U.S. Department of State's Soft Target Initiative to protect American international schools throughout Africa and the Middle East.  We have found that oftentimes, the simplest solutions can be incredibly effective.  We start with site visits, perform security surveys, and manage implementation to ensure consistent and sustainable protection.    


Our security consultants have all worked for the FBI, Homeland Security, Interpol or Diplomatic Security.  Decades of international experience provides professional contacts in every nation on earth.  Our staff has direct communication with police, military, intelligence and emergency services in each operating country.  In the event of emergencies, we only use US Embassy approved hospitals, doctors and transportation options.  At Tiberius, we hope for peace but plan for war.


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